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Please remember when working with polyurethane foams to always follow proper safety precautions.  For saftey products such as respirators and safety glasses, please click here.



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•Fast & Easy
•Superior R-Values 
Sound Barrier
•Moisture Barrier
•Inhibits Mold Growth*
•Vapor Barrier
•Tack Free in 60 Seconds
•Can be Cut, Sanded &
*Handi-Foam will help inhibit mold growth when used properly. Please seeMold Prevention for more details.

Quality Insulation-Guaranteed!
Other products don't compare to Fomo's 2 component closed cell polyurethane foam insulation. Fomo Products, Inc. has revolutionized the spray foam industry with their quality closed cell foams, and patented Handi-Gun dispensing guns-Now with re-usable tips! 
2 part Handi-Foam is NOT like open cell single component foams which take excessive time to cure and are only good for small areas. Click here to find out why. 

•Contains no formaldehyde
•Contains no ozone depleting CFC's
Cold weather is here! The best operating temperature for Handi-Foam Insulation kits is 75° to 85° F (Tank Temperature) It is OK to spray Handi-Foam in colder environments, but for maximum yield, the tanks themselves should be warm to the touch. Store kits in a warm environment when you know you will be using them soon & remember to SHAKE WELL!
Please see our FAQ for more information.

Quality You Can See
Fomo Products Inc. closed cell formula has very few air pockets. This makes the foam both sturdier and more effective, keeps the insulation from absorbing moisture (which in turn helps inhibit mold growth), and stops air transport. Two part foam kits are formulated with an A chemical and a B chemical. This allows are products to be tack free in as little as 30 seconds, and completely cured in just 3-5 minutes. Once cured, all foams may be sanded or cut as desired.
Fomo's Closed Cell Foam

Their Open Cell Foam


Other Foams Don't Compare
Open cell Formulas, such as those used by many of our competitors appear sponge like, with large air pockets throughout. This makes them softer & more vulnerable to damage, lets them absorb moisture, takes away from their insulating power, and can allow mold growth.

*When used properly, handi-foam will help prevent moisture from entering enclosed areas, in turn helping prevent mold. Handi-Foam has no nutritional value, preventing mold from growing on it. 
**Most pests will not eat, or borough in Handi-Foam.